Jenilee’s Boutique Vision, Mission, and Value Statements

Posted on: December 11, 2011

Note: This is an assignment for a Technical Writing course taken at The University of Texas at San Antonio in the Fall 2011 semester.

A memo concerning the Vision, Mission, and Value Statements has been created to remind Jenilee’s Boutique partners the decisions made regarding the boutique.  The Vision Statement describes the ideal state of the business to be reached in a three year timeframe.  The Mission Statement describes important accomplishments the boutique is set to made within a three year timeframe as well.  Lastly, the Value Statement sets the core values of Jenilee’s Boutique to be followed to ensure the boutique’s success.  To view the actual memo, a link is provided at the end.


To:        Beverly Anzaldua, Adan Espinoza, Jesusa Espinoza
From:    Jennifer Ramirez
Date:     September 28, 2011
Re:        Vision, Mission, and Values Statements


As I guaranteed in our previous meetings, here is a summary of the decisions decided on concerning the vision, mission, and values statements of Jenilee’s Boutique.  Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me should there be any confusion or concerns regarding the decisions that have been made.  I am looking forwards to our next meeting where we will finalize our decisions regarding these statements and begin to move forwards on the plans concerning Jenilee’s Boutique.


Jenilee’s Boutique’s ideal state will be reached in an estimated timeframe of about three years.  The ideal state to be reached for the boutique is to be one of the largest quality handmade craft carriers and manufacturers in San Antonio, Texas.  By opening an additional boutique in another location in San Antonio in roughly about five years, Jenilee’s Boutique is capable of achieving the vision.


Jenilee’s Boutique will be carrying jewelry product from two vendors, which will be Pandora and Fire Mountain Gems and Beads because of their reputation of manufacturing quality handcrafted products.  Jenilee’s Boutique will also have a competitive advantage because of the various styles and materials that are fit for any customers’ budget.  There will also be crochet items and seasonal decorations that will be changing throughout the course of the year to match the seasons.  Also, customers will know which items are eco-friendly by the product details that will be displayed with the item.


The customers that Jenilee’s Boutique will be focusing on will be mostly women, but there will be unisex items available for men as well.  There is no set age limit to focus on since the product in the boutique will be of various styles and materials that will be fit for any occasion or season.  Jenilee’s Boutique will also be assisting school districts providing them with an alternate fundraising idea that will allow for the school organization to maintain a certain percentage of the profit.


Jenilee’s Boutique will be located near the San Antonio River Walk since it is a constant tourist spot throughout the year.  The facility that is required will need to be at least one thousand and six hundred square feet (1,600 sq. ft.), which will be divided into two areas being eight hundred square feet (800 sq. ft.) each.  One of the areas will use five hundred square feet (500 sq. ft.) as a work and storage room to ensure there is enough space for overstocked and seasonal product.


All employees will have a thorough knowledge of the product and the merchandise in the boutique, as well as experience in beading, crocheting, and seasonal decorating in order to replenish the product in the boutique.  The employees will treat the customers as a top priority and will offer consultation should the customers require assistance in needing a custom order.  Employees will be friendly to the customers, and must also be bilingual to assist customers who only speak Spanish.


Jenilee’s Boutique is going to have a respectable reputation amongst other competitors because every decision and action will be solely based on a business level.  By maintaining a respectable reputation, competitors will recommend their customers to Jenilee’s Boutique when customers are looking for a product that is not carried in their store.  Jenilee’s Boutique will also recommend its customers to other businesses when there are items that are not carried in the boutique, too.


In order for Jenilee’s Boutique to achieve financial success, the customers must be the boutique’s top priority.  By focusing on the customers, Jenilee’s Boutique’s monthly gross sales will double from forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) to almost one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) within the three year timeframe.  Profit will then be estimated at about seventy thousand dollars ($70,000) monthly and will be used to bring in more product, as well as fund various types of marketing throughout the year.


The mission statement of Jenilee’s Boutique will be used to prioritize tasks that are necessary for the boutique to become one of the top businesses customers will go to when needing quality handmade items that are made to be unique.  A three year timeframe has been decided on and will give the boutique enough time to build up its reputation throughout San Antonio.  Jenilee’s Boutique will accomplish this task by being an innovator to customers looking for a fresh look and unique design that fits any personality.


The success of Jenilee’s Boutique will be dependent on the employees’ treatment of the customers, as well as the employees ensuring that the customers’ needs are met during every visit to the boutique.  By the product being quality handmade, the product value is higher than an item built in mass production to meet quotas.  In offering great customer service and quality products, customers will feel welcomed and will keep bringing their business to the boutique.

I strongly believe that by focusing on achieving these goals, Jenilee’s Boutique will become the top business for quality handmade products within three years.  Once again, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me to discuss any issues or concerns.  I may be reached at my office (956) 572-4466 between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., or by e-mail

Link to view memo:  Memorandum1


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